We offer three authentic
Japanese dishes
with rice, soup and recipes
including the lecture blow:

1.    How to make Dashi stock (Japanese fish stock)
2.    How to fillet a fish for making sashimi.
3.    How to cook basic tempura.
4.    How to steam rice using kitchen pot.
5.    How to make soup dishes from dashi stock.

We also organize the lesson program

your requirements.
Please let us hear your requirements.

After lesson all participants
will sit at table to have lunch
with a glass of sake.

32400JPY / 1parson
tax inclusive
Duration 10:00〜13:00

The lesson is held on
Sunday daytime for
minimum 4people
maximum 8people.

One group is required for
same menus in a class.

Tel: 03-5439-6395  |  Email:


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